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We add value to your business

We add value to your business

AmCham represents the commercial interests of our members through the implementation of a leadership model.

  • We develop positions about issues of common interest.
  • We have work groups: committees and forums.
  • We handle queries and visits to governmental authorities.
  • We monitor current bills of law

The chamber offers an exclusive networking platform in Costa Rica

  • We group together more than 400 member companies and over 4,500 opinion leaders.
  • We share best practices and promote business among members. 
  • We hold around 130 events and meetings every year.
  • We have 17 committees and forums.
Member Companies
Opinion Leaders
Annual Events
Committees and forums

Our integrated communication platform provides relevant and summarized information from the Chamber and its members through the following publications (in Spanish):

  • Daily News: summary on politics and the economy.
  • Monthly Newsletter: with key information on the Chamber’s activities
  • Committees in Action: update on the most relevant best practices and topics from our workgroups
  • Legislative Newsflash: current news about the most relevant bills and legislative activity in Costa Rica

We provide general consulting about importing and exporting goods between Costa Rica and the United States:

  • We are the link between Chamber members and investors.
  • We arrange business agendas and roundtables
  • We provide trade references

Our members receive special discounts.

  • Up to 20% discount on events organized by the Chamber and its members
  • Access to meeting rooms with capacities for 10, 20 or 30 people
  • Discounts and special promotions from members to members
  • Consulting for American buyers, including references from our membership base.

Donations and contributions to the events along the year focus on social causes.

  • Christmas Cocktail: This event promotes business relations and the approach between sponsors and corporate managers invited to participate in charity events.
  • Social Responsibility: We are pioneers in promoting and recognizing the commitments our members have to generate a positive impact in the communities, employees, supply chains, and the environment through Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.

We support the branding of your business through:

  • Website:  www.amcham.cr with a link to your page
  • Business Guide: more than 1,500 copies are distributed locally and internationally
  • Sponsorship of Chamber events
  • Advertising material distributed among members
  • Advertising in our newsletter “Conexión AmCham” and “Comités en Acción” newsletter with more than 5,500 contacts
  • More than 12000 followers on Facebook

International Arbitration and Conciliation Center

  • We are the only binational Chamber in Central America with an International Conciliation and Arbitration Center.
  • We offer to the business community expedited and suitable methods to solve controversies in the corporate environment

We arrange and expedite the appointments to visa applicants at the U.S. Embassy (exclusive for AmCham members). This is possible through an agreement with the U.S. Embassy in San José.

Professional discussion and consultation groups for sharing best practices, analysis and information with strong strategic value

  • Exclusive platform for our members to be updated on relevant aspects of many industries and competitiveness issues in the country
  • Generate postures and develop strategies to promote alliances between the public and private sector, in order to improve the economic and social environment in Costa Rica.
  • Sharing best practices
  • Ideal space for networking
  • Participation at no cost
  • Each company selects its representatives

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