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Water for Injection Juturna – BWT

San José, 19 de mayo de 2022. Juturna’s Pharma & Biotech division is the exclusive market representative for BWT, the perfect partner for critical ultra-pure media for more than five decades. lf the end product and production depend on safe generation of sufficient water of the required quality, BWT units and services are the right choice.

The pharma and biotech industries use purified water as a constituent in medicines and other healthcare products, and to clean systems and packaging. Sophisticated processes are essential for producing the water qualities required.

Purified water of the highest ‘pharmaceutical’ quality is required for inoculations and infusions, and this is where water for injection (WFI) is important, as it ensures top-quality, safe products wherever water for injections (WFI) is required.

Through JUTURNA, BWT has a post-sale support structure that ensures timely and effective service throughout the country. We have a team of qualified engineers and technicians who work hand in hand with our clients in the implementation of scheduled maintenance protocols, equipment updates, component replacement management and rapid assistance in case of need.